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It so happened in 1953 that an Eminent religious scholar and  Vice Chancellor of Darul Uloom Deoband, Hazrat Maulana Qari Mohammad Tayyeb Sahab was en route to Bhatkal and happened to stay in Hubli. The residents of the Hubli asked him to pass some pieces of advice and wise words and informed him that Qadyani and Muslims were mingled up in the region. Even the programs of Seerat-un-Nabi was  presided by Qadyanis. Qari Tayyeb, then, delivered his sermon to the congregation and further added that one speech is hardly enough to sift the husk from the chaff. There has to be a prominent Islamic scholar to address the issues satisfactorily and to raise awareness among Muslims about the doctrines and tenets of Islam and simultaneously carry out the work of religious reformation.

Qari Tayyeb (May Allah shower His blessings), thereupon, sent Maulana Riyaz Ahmad Faizabadi (May Allah shower His mercy on him) to Hubli following a consultation with his chief faculty Members at Darul Uloom. Maulana Riyaz, henceforth, shouldered the responsibility for reformation to help this mission thrive laid the foundation of a Madrasa (Islamic School) from where the sparkling rays of education go on to illuminate the darkness and consequently distinguish the right from wrong.

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मुस्लिम उद्योगपतियों को देश में अपना मीडिया संस्थान खड़ा करना चाहिए-मौलाना अहमद सिराज
مولانا احمد سراج عمری قاسمی فیض آبادی سے حالات حاضرہ پر چھبتے ہوے سوالات 4 ستمبر 19

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After the inauguration of Madrasa at the hands of Maulana Riyaz Ahmad Sahab earlier at Bhandwada Base and now where it currently is situated, the Madrasa went through both, favorable and unfavorable circumstances to formally introduce and implement the education system. The late father had always been determined on both, imparting education as well as raising the moral standards of the enrolled students. It was his heartfelt desire and, thus, very often expressed it to the people that the establishment of an Islamic University is must around here so as to the students not only become graduates in theology, but also in all other streams of contemporary education.

      He was reported to have often said to the students, “Soon enough there will be more teachers than you all are.”



Annual Gathering of Riayzul Uloom Aljadeed Arabic College will be held on 03-03-2019 . Where along various cultural activities their will be Ulma will address the public.

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Top Achivement:
"Grate Achivement Of Moulana Riyaz Ahmed Faizabadi"

One of his greatest services for the Deen is that he convinced a non-Muslim judge with his solid proofs and undeniable evidences in the Hubli Court to declare Qadyanis as the

followers of non-Islamic belief. Thus, the judge issued the following verdict;

     “Any person following the teachings and beliefs of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadyani can certainly not be called Muhammedan.” (O.S. No. 288 of 1969, Shree Seenam Bhatt Joshi, Munsiff Hubli-Karnataka, India)

       Then Qadyanis failed to spread their false belief. Most of them repented and embraced Islam and the Muslims around the city knew that Qadyani beliefs are anti-Islamic ones

       When a reverent and Godly man intends to do something with such fervor and sincerity, God also marks his words to be fulfilled sooner or later.

July 12, 2019

دیپاولی کے  موقع پر آج ایودھیا ، بیکاپور میں *سوسائٹی فلاح المسلمین* کے چیرمین *مولانااحمدسراج فیض آبادی عمری قاسمی* صاحب کے موجودگی خیر سگالی کے طور غریب، بیواؤں ضرورت مندوں میں ساڑیاں تقسیم کی گئیں، جس میں ایودھیا جمعیت علماء ہند کے صدر مولانامحمد احمد، سماج سیوک محمود موجود رہے، 
منجانب : سوسائٹی فلاح المسمین
،سنکھری ایودھیا فیض آباد یو پی27
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Riyazul Uloom Aljadeed Arabic College

 ریاض العلوم الجدید عربک کالج

اور مسجدِ نور کا منظر

42/1, Old Mantur Road, Hubli-20

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