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FalahulMuslimeen , as the name suggest, is a society formed to offer a wide variety of services for the development of muslim society on the whole. It was established by Moulana Ahmed Siraj in 1995. ( See After the demolition of Babri Masjid in India , there was an awakening among the muslims to help the cause of protecting the mosques in India and also to maintain and repair the existing mosques.

In the beginning this society was established for the maintenance of the mosques and for providing basic education for muslim children. The maintenance work included repairs such as fixing the ceiling, floor, wadhu area, toilets and electrical fittings.

Even though Society has the plans to expand, it currently focuses in Uttar Pradesh, India.



Society’s primary focus is to maintain mosques and provide educational facilities in very small and poor villages. Alhamdulillah, so far society has successfully built four new mosques in small villages in U.P, India. and has also helped maintaining several other mosques. In addition to this, Society’s other purposes are:

  • To work for the unity of Muslim brotherhood.

  • To improve the economic status of poor Muslim by establishing small factories.

  • To arrange/provide employment chances for poor Muslims.

  • To provide interest free loans to poor Muslim to start/maintain their own business.

  • To give pension to poor widows and orphans for their requirements.

  • To help the poor Muslims for their medical treatment and also if necessary give interest free loans.

  • To take responsibility of poor Muslims for their education.

  • To help poor Muslims at times of emergencies, by means of donation or interest free loans.

  • To bear the expenses of the burial of poor Muslims who have no relatives to take charge.

  • To award monthly scholarships to versatile and deserving Muslim students.

  • To establish/maintain a library for the Muslims to learn about Islam and other related matters.

  • To arrange for the marriage of poor and orphan Muslim girls.

  • To help the victims of riots and arrange relief to them.


Request For Help:-

When the Public discerned that the Society is undertaking the task of constructing and restoring Mosques. The Society received appeal from several locations. Some of the applications are for construction of new mosques & others are for repairs and additional facilities. As non-existence / incompletion of these facilities causes great inconvenience to the Namazis.

The most of the applications received are from small and poor villages, who themselves can not arrange the funds, hence requested the society for their help. The Society in turn appeals to you to contribute for this noble cause. The Society welcomes individuals who wish to bear the entire construction expense of a mosque, or some particular portion of it.

May Allah Subhanu Talla Reward them in the Hereafter, and bestow them a house in Paradise. (Ameen.)

Please send you donations to:                                              


        A/c No. 13980100014619

        Bank of Baroda, Rampur Bhagan

        Branch Code: RAMBAG

        IFSC Code:  BARB 0 RAMBAG

        Faizabad U.P – 224203


51 Aljadeed Building_Modified.jpg

Riyazul Uloom Aljadeed Arabic College

 ریاض العلوم الجدید عربک کالج

اور مسجدِ نور کا منظر

42/1, Old Mantur Road, Hubli-20

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